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Violet and Ruby Really Get Around!

The creators of Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda, the award-winning crafted flavored malt beverage, have announced that Violet and Ruby will be distributed statewide throughout Indiana, starting immediately.

“People formerly restricted to drinking Garden Party in their own backyard can now enjoy it all over Indiana,” said Erin Edds, CEO of DrinkGP, LLC, which created and produces the hard sodas. “More places selling Garden Party means more people can see what the hubbub is all about, whether they are throwing a few cans in a cooler or using Garden Party as a tasty cocktail component.”

Garden Party is available in liquor stores, restaurants, grocery stores and even a bowling alley or two. “Seeing Garden Party on a retailer’s shelf is a thrill to me,” said Edds. “It must be like a band hearing their first single on Spotify.”

Garden Party is one of the few hard sodas to use all-natural, botanical ingredients to produce higher-quality beverages. It is currently available in two flavors: Violet, which is lemon soda infused with lavender and blackberry; and Ruby, ginger soda infused with hibiscus and pomegranate. Both contain 8% alcohol and are designed to bridge the gap between craft beers, craft spirits and wine.

The 100% all-natural hard sodas are the first offering from the company, with more beverages being added in 2018 and beyond.

Mother Night Presents Garden Party Hard Sodas logo

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