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Garden Party in Bloomberg

Photo of Garden Party's own Violet hard soda in Bloomberg Businessweek

Indianapolis-based and woman-owned Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda is featured in Bloomberg Businessweek in a feature titled: “Wine Coolers are Back and this Time They’re Artisanal”.

Garden Party was listed in the wine cooler category alongside the new Ramona Wine Cooler brand created by the beverage director at New York’s James Beard award-winning Momofuku Group.

Photo of the Bloomberg Businessweek article about wine coolers featuring Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas

This is the second time that Garden Party has received national attention since launching last November. In December, Garden Party won Beverage Industry Magazine’s 2016 Innovation of the Year, becoming the first Indiana beverage brand and first woman-owned nationwide to be awarded that honor.

Erin Edds created Garden Party in 2016 around the concept of “The Wine Cooler Grows Up” and only four months after launching, it looks like the rest of the country is starting to take notice.
Read Bloomberg’s article.

Mother Night Presents Garden Party Hard Sodas logo

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